What is a healthy bladder?

What is a healthy bladder?

The bladder is a muscle that seems to be the least known about and talked about.  Don’t get me wrong, we all know that it holds our urine but there is so much more to it than just that!

Like every muscle, proper health is very important such as hydration and nutrients.  Your bladder can hold up to 16 oz. or 2 cups of liquid at one time.  However, if that liquid is repeatedly something other than water, the muscle lining of the bladder can be very irritated causing dysfunction.

It is recommended that we consume 60-80 oz. of water per day to maintain a healthy bladder.  If you consume too much water or too little water, you will experience bladder dysfunction such as urgency, incontinence/peeing your pants, excessive nighttime voiding, abdominal pain, etc.

Not only is hydration important but so is proper nutrition for the bladder.  When we consume too much caffeine, carbonated beverages, spicy foods, acidic foods/drinks, etc. the lining of the bladder is easily agitated, and you will start to experience dysfunction as listed above.

Trilogy Physical Therapy can help you if you are experiencing any bladder issues.

What does PF mean

What does Pelvic Floor (PF) mean?

The pelvic floor consists of many muscles and bones that helps hold your pelvis in place.  There are 36 muscles, 3 ligaments, and 3 bones that make up the pelvis.  There is also 6 main arteries and 10 plus nerves of the pelvis to assist with the function of the pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor helps hold your bladder, vagina and rectum like a bowl.  If there is not enough or too much support, you could experience dysfunction.

Pelvic floor dysfunctions include, but are not limited to urinary or fecal incontinence, difficulty or pain with bowel, bladder, or sexual functions, painful scars after childbirth or surgery, persistent sacroiliac or low back pain, or pelvic pain conditions.

Trilogy Physical Therapy can help you determine if you are experiencing dysfunction and how to help your pelvic floor.

What to expect at your first visit at Trilogy Physical Therapy

Trilogy Physical Therapy is a safe and welcoming environment where we want you to feel like you are at home. Trilogy Physical Therapy feels it is very important that you are comfortable and willing to speak for your wellbeing. Thank you for trusting Trilogy Physical Therapy to assist with your needs.

The first visit, also referred to as the consultation or evaluation visit, strives to understand your needs and concerns at a comfortable pace. Please expect questions regarding your wellbeing that may not seem relevant to the initial reason for your visit. However, in due time, we promise you will understand the connection by the end of the session.

During the first visit we will analyze the way your body may move, react to resistance and/or tolerate light touch. Please note that your verbal agreement will always be obtained before any touch occurs. Depending upon what your needs are, there may be a point in time that touch will be conducted over your clothes or skin to skin.

Dependent upon your needs, an internal assessment may also be warranted. Please note that a verbal and written consent is required prior to any internal assessment. An internal assessment is conducted with great respect for you as an individual. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, please feel free to voice your concerns and we will stop the assessment.

Once the evaluation is completed, your goals will be reviewed. A mutual agreement for a care plan will then be decided. Likely there will be an activity and / or exercises provided for you to start on your new journey to achieve your goals.

Trilogy Physical Therapy again thanks you for trusting us with your personal wellbeing. We look forward to meeting and assisting you soon.