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Physical Therapy for the

Mind, Body & Soul

Welcome to Trilogy Physical Therapy where the body, mind and soul are embraced while providing physical therapy for pelvic floor and more!

Who we are

Trilogy Physical Therapy provides physical therapy for the Ames and surrounding community.

Pelvic Floor Focus

Trilogy believes that the pelvis is connected to the whole body and will serve your needs through a variety of treatment options.


Trilogy Physical Therapy focuses on a holistic view when treating patients with varied diagnoses involving your pelvic floor.  We take into consideration what is affecting your life such as sleep habits, dietary habits, job stress, life pressures, and more.


Trilogy Physical Therapy’s goal is help you resolve your concerns and manage your own health so that you can function on a daily basis without Trilogy.


Get regular updates about your holistic health and your pelvic floor.

How is Trilogy Physical Therapy different?

Trilogy Physical Therapy is where you can experience physical therapy focusing on pelvic health but also generalized conditions. You will find yourself a part of a new family upon walking into the clinic where you will find answers, hope and a clear plan of care that helps you become independent as possible.

"I first met Jen when I was pregnant and had no idea what was “normal” pregnancy woes verses personal pelvic health issues. Not only did she help educate me on therapy and exercise I could use to immediately better my daily life, she also gave me the encouragement and hope I needed to make it thru the rest of the pregnancy. After my son was born, Jen has been super knowledgeable in helping me deal with a C-section scar, tailbone injury and shoulder pain. Basically she’s on speed-dial after becoming a mom!"
Samantha G.

Want to know more?

Contact us and we will be happy to walk you through our options to help you get back to your best self.